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Latest technology in the telecommunication system, testing, monitoring, network optimization and synchronization.
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Scientific- Education, Laboratories Equipment, & Furniture, & Experiments


We offer IT and IoT solutions and services to support and promote the successful operations of all type of business.

Military Solutions

Defense, homeland security, aerospace, and infrastructure protection

Albara'ah Telecom Co. Ltd. is a leader in the field of telecommunications, industrial, educational, alternative energy, and information technology technologies and solutions supported by a long and solid experience history in its field and skilled workers with high skills and experience, with a large customer base and success partners from around the world.

How we got started

Al-Bara'ah Telecom Company Ltd. was established in 1997 and was previously known as Rokn Al Bara’ah Est. Initially, it served the telecommunications sector by providing the latest technology in the telecommunication system, testing, monitoring, network optimization and specializes in providing technological solutions in network synchronization, auditing & optimization as well as product testing & monitoring and quality assurance.

Our range of solutions includes design based on site survey and/or client specifications with detailed engineering from installation, commissioning, PAT and after-sales services. Our commitment planning and methodology in all our operations provide the necessary planning and control to execute projects correctly and on time.

The company also work in education equipment where it covers most technological fields such as the educational; programs of vocational schools, technical high schools and of national and international universities: Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Information and Telecommunication, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnologies, Agriculture, Renewable Energies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and many others.

Recently, the company added new divisions like IT and IoT, Hi-tech, and Industrial Solutions and alternative energy to serve the Saudi government vision of 2030 by supporting the development sectors targeted by the government and to offer its clients the latest technology in business automation and information.

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